Mar 5, 2009

My Internet Phone

i just got a new touch screen samsung eternity phone. this is my first time posting through my phone. just checking it out.

Jan 28, 2009

It's F'in Scary

this is a picture of me that a fellow graduate mike phillips took. you can check out his stuff by clicking this link. there is a lot of good stuff on his website.


sorry it has been so long since my last post. expect them more regularly now that the holidays are over with. i finally made it back to my friend jack's house to shoot the lizard in the photograph. give me some feed back because i am thinking about doing a photo essay on jack and his lizards.

Dec 12, 2008

Here True Nature!!!

just kidding. can you tell i am soooo bored. i am coloring in eyes, and it doesnt get much easier than that. whatever have fun.

Dec 10, 2008

Farewell to the class not the blog

so this pretty much raps it up. stay tuned for more.

Dec 9, 2008


this is a shot of my dads dog cobe. he is the man. let me know what you think.

Photo Drawing

this is a picture of my friend gary and his son eli. you can see another picture of gary on my flickr. i dont like doing a lot of the drawing in photoshop because it is kind of gimick-e, but it works on occasion. i originally shot this for a panning assignment, but recently found it on one of my hard drives and tricked it out in photoshop. there are drawing filters in photoshop, but this isnt one of them. it is from multiple techniques that i have tweeked to fit what i like. ohh, and yes eli is driving the bike, that isnt photoshop.

Fire Time

this is a picture of my friend steven i took over the weekend. sometimes these types of shots can work, but not very often. get outside and enjoy what the cold has to offer.

Gregory Heisler at GTC

i was really excited when i found out theat gregory heisler was coming to the school to speak. i encourage everybody to come a listen. he is an amaing portrait photographer and i cant wait to hear what he has to say.